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What to Expect

Before We Meet…

Paperwork!  But, just one (with multiple parts).  Please download and complete the fitness assessment and agreement.  Training will not proceed without it!

Bring the completed form to your initial consultation and fitness assessment.

Initial Consultation & Fitness Assessment

We’ll spend about 15 minutes talking about your fitness goals and history, your lifestyle, your overall health and fitness level, and your expectations in working with us.  (Be as open as possible about any particular conditions that might affect your performance or abilities — we need to know your state of health in order to tailor a program suited perfectly to your life and goals!)

Then, we’ll spend the last 15 minutes or so testing your abilities and levels of comfort around the equipment in the weight room, on the machines, and in other assessment activities.  So come dressed in your workout gear!

It’s from the consultation and the assessment together that we’ll craft an individualized plan to meet your goals.  That plan will be our baseline we use when leading you in your sessions.

A Session

Each session will, unless otherwise stipulated by your individual training regimen, challenge all your muscle groups.  Bring water and wear breathable clothing and good sneakers, typically those made for cross-training.

All sessions, whether 30 or 60-minutes in length, will have a warmup period before we lead you in activities tailored to your personal goals within your particular abilities.

Be sure to speak up if you are uncomfortable or experience any pain or pinching that may result from new challenges being exerted on your muscles.  We’ll always demonstrate proper technique, and we’ll adjust and improve yours throughout each session’s specific activities.

We’ll complete each session by bringing down the heart rate and, if applicable, stretching. Plus, we’ll sign and date your session tracker card, which we give you at your initial consultation.

Your Trainer

All of our trainers are certified by national accrediting bodies and are CPR/AED certified, as well.


Ask away!  We are here to help you reach your fitness goals AND to help you feel more confident in the gym — so you can maintain those fitness goals without us (if you really want, of course!).


Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of their scheduled time will not be refunded.  This policy is necessary to respect our trainers’ and other clients’ time, which is tightly scheduled.  That being said, if your reason for cancellation is out of your control and goes far beyond “I didn’t feel like it today,” please let us know.


Rescheduling sessions beyond 24 hours out from their originally scheduled dates and times is AOK.

Expiration Dates

Each package has a particular expiration date, dependent upon your date of purchase.  Typically, these are 5, 7, and 11 weeks out.  Any sessions not used within your expiration date are forfeited.

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